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On the last day of the 45th Annual Governors Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, civil society organizations met with the Bank’s staff to discuss about the new accountability mechanism.

The Reality of Aid Global Secretariat is now accepting contributions for the RoA 2012 Report on the theme Aid and the Private Sector. Deadline of submission of contributions is on 1 June 2012. With barely a month to go, we encourage you to contact RoA's regional representatives if you propose to contribute a chapter:

05 May 2012
APRN Statement
on the occasion of the ADB's 45th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors, Manila, Philippines

BetterAid released its official comments and recommendations to the proposed indicators for Global Monitoring of the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Effectiveness Cooperation (BPd) supported by UK and Rwanda.

The comments and recommendations aim to improve the current draft monitoring paper and points out missing Busan commitments from the 13 indicators. Copies of the said BetterAid comments were sent to representatives of UK and Rwanda governments and OECD WP-Eff last April 24.

The second meeting of the Post-Busan Interim Group (PBIG) will take place on Wednesday 4 April (14:30-19:00) and Thursday 5 April (9:00-18:00) at the OECD in Paris and will be streamed live via OECD TV.

To watch the meeting live, go to http://webtv.oecd.org/

To watch after the meeting, "on demand"

4th April http://interwebcast.oecd.org/conferences/3_1216/sp/event_medias/video.wvx