United Way’s Campaign To Fight Poverty In Greater Cleveland

United Way Worldwide

Fighting poverty in USA sounds like a task not too many people would be interested in. With a fierce fight going on between the two parties on issues connected to ideological fault lines, few people seem to have the time for dealing with this issue.

But, thankfully, there is one organisation which is committed to it. The 131-year old United Way Worldwide (earlier United Way of America) continues to wage war on poverty, not just in USA but around the world.

In its home country, it has a presence in all 50 states and 3 federally-administered territories. It’s headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and has 1,200 offices throughout the country.

While being a premier non-profit organisation itself, it is also a coalition of various charitable organisations which are committed to raising funds for its noble cause.

Fundraising Campaign Of United Way In Greater Cleveland

They are in the second year of the program and its moving forward smoothly.

To keep themselves going and moving towards success, United Way is constantly in the process of raising funds. In the Cleveland Area, this organisation has been able to $45.4 million and is investing $31.2 million of it in the community.

The United Way of Greater Cleveland had entered upon a three-year plan to achieve three major goals. They were: improving its fund-raising mechanisms, the process of distributing money back into the communities and coming up with innovative solutions to help around 400,000 people each year in this region.

They are in the second year of this program and its moving forward smoothly.

In three counties of the region, more than 50,000 people donated money to the organisation. The organisation diversified its strategy of raising funds and decided to improve the allocation process also.

Of the $31.2 million that it plans to invest in the Greater Cleveland Area.

Of the $31.2 million that it plans to invest in the Greater Cleveland Area, United Way will allocate $10.1 million into health and human service sector. This will deal with problems like education, financial stability, health-related problems and other basic needs of the people.

$3.1 million will go to organisations associated with United Way which include groups such as Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland, United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland and Jewish Federation of Cleveland.

All these organisations are supporting programs whose aim is to alleviate the suffering of poor people.

Lastly, $18 million would go to specific causes and programs which donors contribute to and which are related to the core agenda of United Way.

United Way has also decided to work through an innovative ‘community hub’ model that draws on the expertise and experience of 87 non-profit organisations in the area for reaching the intended beneficiaries.

It hopes to be able to make a tangible impact on the ground with their assistance.

Future Plans For United Way

The officials of United Way are not content with their achievements so far. They wish to take forward their good work and even improve it through various changes.

This includes getting people in the organisation that are capable of giving valuable advice such as academics, corporate executives, local government officials, etc. The role of the volunteers can’t be ignored either.

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