We live in interesting times, as the Chinese saying goes. But in USA, the times are not just interesting but also difficult. The almost unprecedented political divisions in the country that seem to be getting deeper and more poisonous with each passing day is making it difficult for the political class to get things done.

On top of that, the constant sniping in Washington and at the Capitol Hill is preventing these very same politicians from tackling some of the biggest issues facing the country.

One of these issues facing the nation is poverty, its growth and extreme manifestations. It is shocking and embarrassing that a country like ours, the strongest in the world, has people who don’t have enough to serve their basic needs like food and shelter.

The number of homeless people and those who are facing food insecurity in this country is appalling and should take the majority of the time of our politicians. But instead most of the time is spent in catfights on largely irrelevant issues that have no great relevance to the masses in general.

Means To Tackle Poverty

Dealing with any problem requires a proper understanding of the issue and its many dimensions.

This is why we have this website which will educate all our readers about the state of poverty in the country, its causes, its remedies, the attempts being made to tackle it and various other topics related to it.

We firmly believe that one of the causes that poverty in this country is not as big an issue as it should be is because people across the country don’t come across this disturbing reality. They are blissfully unaware of the struggles people have to wage on a daily basis to survive in this cold, harsh world.

Statistics can be cold numbers at times, but they are also very capable of shocking people. Through this website, we aim to make you aware of the sad reality of this country in terms of its poor people and their growing number.

It is unacceptable that a country whose military budget is more than the combined military budget of the next 10 biggest military nations in the world can’t find enough money to feed all its people properly. The debate over whether the government should step in make things happen or let the market do the trick is irrelevant. Whichever method works has to be adopted and people should be given immediate relief.

Need For Debate

To make an effective policy for combating a serious issue, it is essential that there is a vigorous and energetic debate on the relevant issue. But as long as the political discourse is dominated by cockfights on irrelevant issues and as long as we keep giving prominence to issues like tax cuts for rich, there is no hope for a positive change.

This is why we hope that this website would, by bringing the shocking reality of poverty in this country, would start the kind of debate that would necessitate a positive change. And the debate has to start from the grassroots level.

Only when the common people start asking their representatives in the local bodies as well as in the Congress what they are doing to tackle this problem, a change can be brought about.

It is also worth remembering that poverty cannot be tackled merely by charity and philanthropy. It requires a deeper understanding of the root causes that bring about this sad reality for action on it to be initiated. This is something which we would put special emphasis on in this website.

Not only are we going to inform the readers about organisations fighting poverty and ones which you can donate to, but also those who are advocating policy changes to end the scourge of poverty in the country.

A combination of large-hearted generosity and intelligent activism seems like the best solution to these problems and we hope to educate our readers about how they can work on both these fronts. So, make yourself a regular visitor to our site and keep track of major developments in this country related to poverty-alleviation.

Through your support, we can take this fight forward and look ahead to a future where there is no poverty in this great land of ours.