CSOs gear-up in establishing CSO Platform Post-Busan

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A year after the High Level Forum IV in Busan, South Korea, civil society are re-organizing to effectively engage with stakeholders and face new challenges under the framework of the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. A day after the First GPEDC Steering Committee Meeting in London, CSOs will meet in Nairobi to launch CPDE - the CSO Platform Post-Busan

Given the evolving aid and development effectiveness architecture, there is a need to further advance positive policy gains in aid and official cooperation reform and development effectiveness discourse and to continue to assert the role CSOs as development actors in their own right. Since the beginning of 2012, civil society led by BetterAid and Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness, have been taking stock of CSO involvements and results in the aid and development effectiveness agenda in order to plan for a more effective CSO engagement within the new policy context based on the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation.

A priority task Post-Busan is the establishment of a new CSO Platform that would consolidate CSO efforts and unify civil society under one banner. The effort is borne of civil society engagement in the aid and development effectiveness agenda, specifically the Paris Declaration (PD) and Accra Agenda for Action (AAA). BetterAid and Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness led a myriad of CSO processes towards the establishment of the CSO platform, eventually named The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE).

The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) envisions the realization of human rights, social justice, equality (especially gender equality) and sustainability in development. This voluntary platform is focused in promoting development effectiveness, especially in development cooperation. Its intention is to mobilize the broadest possible scope and diversity of CSOs to meaningfully and critically engage in the Busan Partnership. While efforts are coordinated globally, the platform will endeavor to focus on delivering outcomes at the country level, where it will make the most meaningful contribution to the lives of poorest, the most marginalized and those whose rights are most threatened. To ensure that a broader number of civil society are able to participate in the establishment of the CPDE process, the draft of the CPDE Proposal was translated and disseminated in four languages and was subjected to validation among CSOs at the regional and sectoral levels.

Read the CPDE Draft Proposal in English Spanish French Arabic

Five (5) regional consultations and four sectoral consultations were conducted during the 3rd quarter of 2012. These consultations aim to provide feedback on the CPDE Draft Proposal and plan on how the CPDE will be localized at the sub-regional level. The feedback and the comments from the consultations assisted the CPDE Drafting Team in revising the proposal, which will be endorsed by BetterAid and Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness to the CPDE Global Council for approval. Click here to read more about the Regional CPDE Consultations

CPDE in a Nutshell...

What is CPDE?

CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) is an open platform that unites CSOs from around the world. It is open to the participation of any CSO that endorses its vision, believes in its objectives and adheres to the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness (Istanbul Principles).

It is...


...about democratic ownership

... about women’s rights, empowerment and gender equality

What are its goals?

to pursue a transformative agenda for development, informed by our guiding principles and a rights-based approach to development effectiveness that prioritizes women’s rights, decent work, sustainability and improved livelihoods (for people living in poverty);
to protect and deepen policy gains made in Paris, Accra and Busan, and reverse any of the harmful provisions that continue to guide those three agendas;
to continue to advance development effectiveness in policy and practice, in particular as it relates to the accountability of governments to the broader development effectiveness agenda, the IADGs and to people;
to continuously work to improve our own effectiveness and the realisation of an enabling environment for civil society as independent development actors in our own right.

How will CPDE operate?

At the global level, CSOs commit to engage as full members of the GPEDC, and relate to its governance and other related structures. The CPDE also addresses development effectiveness objectives and actions in the framework of the UN
While the pursuit of these objectives is coordinated globally, the platform will endeavor to focus on delivering outcomes at the country level where constituencies of the CPDE can make the most meaningful contribution.
CPDE is comprised of CSOs committed to advancing both development effectiveness and CSO development effectiveness at the country, sub-regional, and regional level and in the major sectoral groups. The Platform will be governed by a Global Council represented by all the regions, sub-regions, sectoral and major groups.