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The number of homeless people and those who are facing food insecurity in this country is appalling and should take the majority of the time of our politicians. But instead most of the time is spent in catfights on largely irrelevant issues that have no great relevance to the masses in general.

Means To Tackle Poverty

Dealing with any problem requires a proper understanding of the issue and its many dimensions. This is why we have this website which will educate all our readers about the state of poverty in the country.

Need For Debate

To make an effective policy for combating a serious issue, it is essential that there is a vigorous and energetic debate. This is why we hope that by bringing the shocking reality of poverty in this country, would start the kind of debate that would necessitate a positive change.

Poverty In The United States

According to a new and more rigorous definition of poverty used by the US Census Bureau, California comes at the top of the list with the highest percentage of poor people with 20.6%. While the older system of measuring poverty is around 50 years old, the newer more rigorous method came into being only recently.

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Auditing America

This audit report that was prepared by a team of committed experts and researchers focus on four aspects of the country’s socio-political landscape that are most deeply linked with social injustice and poverty. The main theme of this campaign was fighting evils like poverty racial injustice, militarism and other social evils, which, Dr King believed were interlinked and strengthened each other.

Top 5 Campaigns Against Poverty

The fight against poverty cannot be left to the government, federal or state, alone. It can only be won by the support and participation of private non-profit organisations and the ordinary people who support them through their generous contributions.

We don’t just want you to visit our website and read the blogs but also share your honest and constructive opinion with us. This is important because as a non-profit organization, we don’t have large resources in our hands.

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